Avengers Infinity War Review – An Epic Film Ended With A Suspense

Avengers Infinity War Review By A Fan

Avengers Infinity War, the film which showcases the maximum MCU’s (Marvel Cinematic Universe) characters has released on Friday, i.e. on 27th April 2018.

Every Marvel’s fan around the world just waited for this day and when this day came, Me and my friends also visited the theatre to watch the movie.

We had booked the tickets previously so that no last moment hustle should take place. The theatre was full of people and we have grabbed our seats. The movie started and below is the review of Avengers Infinity War –

Avengers Infinity War Review

Review of Avengers Infinity War: The movie begins with a fight between the Almighty Thor and his team with the supremely powerful Thanos and his children. By seeing this scene my excitement increased and I was so excited to watch the movie further. I will not disclose all the facts and scenes of the film as this will ruin the film and I don’t want to do that. Better watch the movie in the theatre to enjoy the story, effects and sound of this amazing movie.

The story of the film was amazing, the sound was incredible and especially the visual effects were just awesome. Really hats off to the animation and visual effects team.

All the characters role were showcased so properly in the film that each and every character gets a special attention. This job was amazingly done by the directors.

Avengers Infinity War Review

The Iconic superhero, Ironman i.e. Tony Stark gets a new advanced suit which is made up of nanotechnology. Tony Stark also gives a new advanced suit to the Spiderman, i.e. to Peter Parker. Both of the suits were awesome.

The Almighty Thor gets a more powerful hammer with a handle made from Groot branches. Also, he got an eye from Rocket (The Cat character from the Guardian of the Galaxy series). The Captain gets a new shield as a gift from Black Panther and the green Hulk gets a robotic and hi-tech suit.

Now comes to the enormous Green Hulk, i.e. Mr Bruce Banner. Everybody likes his angry Hulk character but sadly, the Green Hulk appears in the first few minutes of the film. After that scene, he played as a Bruce Banner and he cannot transform into Hulk. Therefore, he wears a hi-tech suit like iron-man to fight with the Thanos. Above picture with the hi-tech suit is Mr Banner.

The characters from the Guardians of the Galaxy such as Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Drax etc has done a good job in the movie and they also played a special role. But personally, I like the character of Doctor Strange, who has shown very powerful and with his magical powers, he has given a tough fight to the villains.

Avengers Infinity War Review

As a whole, I like the Avengers Infinity War very much, it has completed my expectations. The film has given a huge suspense at the end and had to wait for the next avenger movie to fulfil the suspense. According to post credit scenes, we may find other Marvel characters in the next Avengers. The movie was nice, but I find little bit darker compared to other Marvel movies. It was experiencing like watching a DC movie. Below is the rating (out of 5 stars) for the movie Avengers Infinity War and review from a fans perspective –

  • Visual Effects and Animation – 5 Star
  • Sound Experience – 5 Star
  • Story – 4 Star
  • Characters Role Showcases and Acting – 4 Star
  • Action – 4 Stars

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