Salman Khan Still Anger Over Arijit Singh, Removes his Song Again

Salman Khan Still Anger Over Arijit Singh, Removes his Song Again –

Salman Khan Still Anger Over Arijit Singh: It’s been four years and Salman Khan has still not forgiven Arijit Singh. Remeber, how Salman Khan had removed the song Jag Ghoomeya sung by Arijit Singh and re-record a new version of the song by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in the movie Sultan.

Salman Khan Still Anger Over Arijit Singh

This time also Salman Khan did the same thing with Arijit Singh. Arijit has sung a song in the film Welcome to New York which will be released on 23rd February 2018 but the song was removed and again replaced the voice with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

In the film Welcome to New York, Salman Khan is seen only in a song, Nain Phisal Gaye along with Diljit Dosanjh, Sonakshi Sinha, Ritesh Deshmukh, Boman Irani and Karan Johar.

Earlier Case (When Salman Khan had removed Arijit Singh Song) –

It was in May 2015, Arijit Singh had posted an apology letter on Facebook and requested Salman Khan to forgive him if he felt insulted on the stage by his words and let his song Jag Ghoomeya remain in the film Sultan. But, later he had deleted the post. Arijit had also apologized Salman several times in different ways but he had not given him the apology.

When Salman Khan was asked to comment on that, he said “In every film, the song is sing by different singers and the Director and Producer make the choice that whose voice is best suited for the song and they select those singers. I had also sung the song for the film but my voice was also rejected. So why to get so upset and so hurt, this is life and we have to accept the things that are going on the life”.

As an audience, we love both of them and we want that both of them settle this thing as soon as possible. Hope Arijit will sing good songs for Salman Khan in the future. If you agree with me then comment below and share this post.

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